garden mindfully blogWelcome to my blog Garden Mindfully! How do we know if we’re gardening mindfully, or just gardening? A meaningful experience in the garden happens when we:

  • Focus. Each leaf, petal, root, and bulb has a special feel in your hand. Savor moment to moment with all five senses.
  • Imagine. What will come of that seed you’re planting?
  • Pace ourselves. Accept what your body can handle. Do just enough, not too much, to actually enjoy your time outside. Be kind to your body.
  • Think deeply. Harvesting fresh vegetables? You’re helping the environment as a whole — and your mind, body, and spirit. Picking a bouquet of wildflowers? You’re creating beauty for your neighbors and your home. Gardening with friends? You’re creating a community.

Garden Mindfully is a community. This is for you: gardeners, meditators, writers, foodies, plant lovers, creative minds, free-thinkers … and those who stop and smell the roses.

Gardening helps me savor the present moment. It’s an escape just a few steps out the front door. I cultivate vegetable plants and perennial flowers in my backyard. A poet at heart, I believe a natural, organic footprint paves the way for a fulfilling life journey. I’m always learning. Share your advice, your blog links, and your experiences with me!