Welcome to my blog Garden Mindfully!

Learn how to garden mindfully through the art of story.

What is mindful gardening?
Sienna Mae Heath, Garden Writer and Storyteller of Landscapes.

Mindful gardening helps me savor the present moment. After divorcing my garden, I moved back to Bethlehem, Pa. where I dig around town and find that a strong sense of place sparks meaning in small moments.

I lost one garden and gained four: I grow herbs and houseplants in my window, shady ornamentals in my apartment courtyard, sun-loving flowers and shrubs at CoWork 414, and vegetables at the NCC East 40 Community Garden.

Share stories of landscape architecture in Pennsylvania and around the world.

As a writer for architects, I respond to the need for storytelling in landscape architecture. Each landscape, each garden, tells a special story. Together we can find it.

The first step is to answer this question: How do we know when we’re gardening mindfully? Join the conversation here.


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